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Welcome to Rock Springs Riding Ranch
Welcome to Rock Springs Riding Ranch
Rock Springs Riding Ranch

Whether you�re young or old, expert or novice, a horseback riding trip in the breathtaking Rock Springs Run State Reserve in Central Florida is an adventure you�ll never forget.

If you have a hearty frontier spirit and are ready to hit the trail, come take pleasure in some wholesome outdoor fun at our new stable area. You will be greeted by our local Trail Guides, who are committed to providing you with a safe and memorable excursion within the scenic Wekiva River Basin under oak hammocks. Saddle up and ride as your guide takes you to remote, unique and secluded areas of the park, not often seen by park visitors, where you will get �up-close and personal� with the park�s diverse flora and fauna.

You will learn about the history and legends of the area from our knowledgeable trail guides as you direct your horse through the different natural communities found in the Rock Springs Run State Reserve. You can pay to write essay and enjoy a great day outdoors instead!

These fun and informative horseback riding adventures are from 1 to 6 hours in duration. The 14,000-acre State Reserve is just a part of the 42,000 acres that makes up Wekiva River Basin State Parks, which is minutes from the Orlando area.
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Our Stable

Rock Springs Riding Ranch is a riding stable for the whole family who wish to enjoy the Rock Springs Riding Ranch Stable magnificent Rock Springs Run State Reserve in the company of their equine pals. We specialize in providing guided trail rides for state park visitors who desire an alternative method of enjoying the scenic splendor of the park. Within the 14,000 acres, our trails take you from the desert-like sand pine scrub community, through the sun-dappled trails of the pine flatwoods, to the cool hardwood swamp that borders Rock Springs Run, and over to the oak tree hammocks. These trails are home to many species of wildlife such as the beautiful Florida scrub-jay, gopher tortoise, Florida black bear, red-shouldered hawk, turkey, and white-tailed deer. Songbirds will serenade you as you enjoy the solitude of your ride. The Rock Springs Run State Reserve is the perfect environment to enjoy horseback riding.
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Forest Wildlife in Florida State Parks

There�s Wildlife in Our Forests

And we take you to them. We choose our trails based on their value to our clients, and if we�re quiet, we just might see a critter or two. From remote and varied wilderness trails, full of interesting challenges, to laid-back, easy to negotiate picturesque forest trails. Our ranch is located on Florida State Park land, and offers wonderful wilderness trails for your enjoyment.� There�s lots to see in our forests! We know where it is, and we show you the way.
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Private Riding Stable

It�s Private

Most riding stables keep huge strings of mediocre horses, their overhead dictating that each ride must �load �em up� and �get �em out� in order to stay afloat. To us, that�s not a good ride. So, we based our whole business on giving great service to the people who ride with us, scheduling our rides to keep �like� experience levels together and keeping our rides as small as possible. Typical bookings consist of from 1 - 5 riders, with some groups of up to 10 people. Remember, riding with our guides �is like riding with one of your friends.�
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Here�s How It Works

Horseback Riding TourYou just give us a call. We book you a horseback riding tour from one of the many packages we have to offer - we can even help you find a place to stay - we have the inside scoop on accommodations in the area. When you arrive for your ride, we�give you a riding orientation, match you up with a horse that suits you, everyone mounts up, and we head off to the woods! We just ask that you arrive 30 minutes prior to your booking time!

You�ll see what�s under the forest canopy, off the beaten path. You�ll see remnants of a historic colonization period�(and maybe even some woodland critters!) and you�ll even learn a bit about our lovely pine and oak forests.

After checking out our prices, call our riding stable, using the contact information below.� If we haven't convinced you yet, give us a call to chat.� We'd be glad to answer your questions.

Rock Springs Riding Ranch is a family attraction, located near Sorrento and Sanford, in Lake County, Florida-- just minutes from Orlando. Call us soon to schedule your horseback riding adventure!

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